Artie,  Valerie and I wanted to say thanks for a kick ass party. You guys were unbelievable and rocked the house. Sorry for the mini drama at the beginning. It was truly unbelievable, we danced and rocked our asses off and could not have picked a better band. I twas like being at a concert and so many people told us how great the performance was. I never rocked so hard in my life. If we are fortunate enough to have kids and if you are still doing this in 20 something years from now, we will hunt you down so you can perform at their wedding!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Valerie and Jason

The couple's friends and family were subsequently transported to the University Club on double-decker Big Apple tour buses, and were greeted by a cappella singers from Columbia University upon arrival. After the seated dinner, Alanna and Byrd had their first dance- a well-rehearsed tango- and their guests joined them on the floor as the New York-based Kevin Osborne Band played. Between dances, guests hopped into a photo booth and divvied up the resulting snapshots, to take some home with them and leave some for Alanna and Byrd.

Hello Everyone, A very BIG thank you to everyone involved in making last night such a huge success and such a wonderful evening!!! It was really so much fun and every detail was perfect. The music from Kevin Osborne was AMAZING. Especially the last set consisting of Journey, Bon Jovi & Def Leopard. It made me want to be at my Prom dancing (and I loved High School!) The dance floor was so crowded and everyone was having a blast!! I am that you will hear from Michelle & Jeffrey when they return from their honeymood. They really had such a wonderful time.

Dear Kevin, I am not sure if you remember me, but you performed at our wedding at Capitale...probably, the one thing that separates us from other weddings is that my husband got up and sang "Don't Stop Believing". I hope there aren't too many weddings like that! More importantly, if I am not mistaken, I think I saw you on TV while I was riding in a taxi, and it brought me back to our wedding which truly was the best night of our lives, and you had so much to do with that.

Hi Kevin, I know I told you this last night, but you really are the best band in the world. We could not be any happier with last night- the music was fantastic and we had the best time. Thank you for making our party so amazing, fun, and special. All of our guests have told us that you were the best band that they have ever heard. We really can't thank you enough for everything. Love, James and Lauren

Kevin, You guys were incredible, nothing else we can say. Everyone thought so. I hope I can figure out another way to hear you play live! Thanks for absolutely making our wedding. Amar and Christina

Hi Kevin and Kim, I just wanted to thank you again for everything. We could not have been happier! Everyone has been raving about the music and the band (except of course our grandmas who wanted Frank Sinatra!). You guys were amazing and everything was perfect! The whole night was overwhelming and is such a blur--the only thing I know is that everyone was dancing all night! Thanks again, Lauren and Mike

Dear Kevin, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for an extraordinary job. You were superb and a pleasure to work with. The family was thrilled with you. I look forward to working with you in the future. Best regards, Louann

Kevin, Thank you so much for making our wedding even that more special! You were truly wonderful and you made the party! Thank you!!!! Jen and Seth

Kevin and Harlan, This was by far the best wedding I have ever been to. Obviously I am a little biased, but even without my bias I think it is fair to say you guys rocked! Your band was so good. We have received so many emails and phone calls about how it was the best band they have ever heard. Our friends like to party and you really gave it to them. I can't thank you enough. It was perfect and everyone was so professional and on top of their game. We couldn't be happier. Thank you, Gavin and Lisa