Hank Lane Band Review: Fifth Avenue Band at Ransom and Courtney's Wedding at Water's Edge, NY

Dear Ian, I originally wrote this letter in late November and apologize that it never made it into the mail. I have been meaning to re-write this letter for ages because memories of Fifth Avenue band are just as powerful today as they were on our wedding day. First, we would like to thank you for the extraordinary service you provided us from the beginning of our contract. There was never a question you couldn't answer, nor a detail too small for you to handle for us. Also, I very much appreciate Michael, from your Long Island office, calling the week of the wedding to confirm every detail. Second, as you well know, other than the ceremony, the band was one of our top priorities for our wedding day. My dream was to have an elegant wedding, but also a fun party. You assured me that the Fifth Avenue band would be ideal, and you were incredibly correct. From the first moment, the band was fabulous. The introductions went very smoothly and Fifth Avenue had our entire crowd dancing immediately following our first dance. We danced all night thanks to the incredible talent of the band members. Our guests kept commenting that each song sounded like it was sung by the original artist. And, finally, the after-hours DJ was such a hit. I still laugh when I think about our guests' reaction to the surprise appearance of the DJ. They were thrilled! Please extend our sincere thanks to the members of the Fifth Avenue Band. Their talent poise and personality were key to making our reception exactly as we had wished. We will recommend Hank Lane without reservation to anyone. And, I know Antonella, the wedding coordinator at the Water's Edge, is spreading the word about you as well. Again, our deepest thanks to everyone at Hank Lane. Sincerely Ransom and Courtney