Hank Lane Reviews: Eclipse at Kathleen and David's wedding

Dear Michael, I’m sorry I didn’t get this letter to you sooner but David and I just got back from our honeymoon. I just had to write and thank you so much for the most incredible recommendation of the Eclipse band!! You were absolutely right when you said they would be perfect for what we were looking for. The band was easily the best part of our wedding. The way the band could read the crowd was amazing. They had everyone on the dance floor. I thought our reception was going to be kind of a slow one since neither David’s family or mine are very big dancers. But we all had a blast! It was the best wedding this family has seen yet. Even my father was dancing; I could barely believe my eyes when I turned around to see him twirling my mom to “Living On a Prayer.” That night was not just memorable to David and I but gave our families a great night they will all remember forever! I can’t thank you enough. Yours truly, Kathleen and David