Marni and Mike's wedding review (Hank Lane music)

Dear Kenny,  I am writing to offer my immense gratitude for the incredible job you did at our wedding on November 7th in Stamford. Marni and I cannot thank you enough.  You did a stellar job we knew you would. Undoubtedly, the band is a key element of any wedding. That's why Marni and I took extra care in finding someone we knew would be top notch. Your awesome demo (and the strong recommendation of Kim at Hank Lane) led us to select you, and you certainly didn't disappoint.  In speaking with everybody who was there, one of the first things everybody says to us is "Wow, the band was great." We couldn't agree more. I'm sure you must get many thank you notes, all we deserved. Besides the fine musicianship you (as the band leader) made sure the night ran smoothly (all the toasts, the cutting of the challah, etc.) Your demeanor also made you such a pleasure to deal with.  I had a few friends at the wedding who were real music aficionados. They all said the same thing. "The band is really tight," "They played incredible together," "What a great selection of songs." The last half hour when you took all requests was particularly well received. My only regret (which is too strong a word) is that I got caught up socializing with everybody, and I wish I had more time on the dance floor.  Kenny, THANK YOU!!! Regards, Marni and Mike