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Marcus Reid Band Reviews

Marcus Reid Band Review: "Unbelievable!"

"Hank Lane's Marcus Reid Band was just unbelievable. We hired Marcus Reid for our daughters wedding and he did not disappoint. Marcus is a showman and his personality, energy and ability to play all genres and please all guests was outstanding. People literally missed dinner because they could not get off the dance floor it was so rockin. We were dancing, jumping, singing, the entire night from beginning to end and after the very last song our guests were chanting "one more song, one more song". No one wanted it to end. Marcus Reid blew the socks off everyone! Awesome night!"

Reviewed on the Knot 10/05/22


Marcus Reid Band Review: "Simply the best!"


Words are inadequate to describe the immense gratitude we owe Marcus Reid and his band for doing such a SPECTACULAR job making sure our wedding was the most insane, phenomenal, energy-filled night imaginable. As we are sure will not surprise many, the rave reviews about the incredible band have been flowing in constantly to us. We always believed that the choice of band was the most important one we would make for our wedding, and we were never in doubt that we made the right, and only choice ... our wedding was just the night we finally got to enjoy the result of that decision!

The dance floor was packed the whole night, and that is all we could have ever asked for.

It meant a ton to us and some of our closest friends that Marcus did Thunder Road for us, and we could go on and on with 10 other examples of personal touches like that.

Marcus is the man -- his band is the best, and we can't wait to see them out performing again soon.

One of our close friends texted us following our wedding that he and his girlfriend may just have to start crashing Marcus Reid weddings to hear them again ..



Marcus Reid Band Review: "Awesome!"


Hi Marcus!

Thank you so much to you and to your band for making our wedding so much fun! Every single friend and family member commented on how awesome you all were. We had such a fun night and we are so grateful to how much effort you all put in to making it that way. You and your band are not just incredibly talented, but it’s clear you love what you do and have fun doing it.

I’m hoping someone took videos of our first dance and asking around, but wanted to tell you that you sang the song so beautifully, and the woman who sang Try To Remember was also incredible. I mean, I can go on and on and on….
I know reviews are helpful etc., but we really wanted to thank you all personally for making our wedding as fun as you did and for playing such awesome music. You guys are really the best and we hope to see you again at some of our friend’s weddings!! I know our friends tried to book you for November 20th, but you were already booked, and I think our friends are hoping to book your band for next March at The Pierre.
Italy was AWESOME so please email me if you plan to go because I will happily help plan your trip, and pleeeease let us know if your band is playing a gig because I can now guarantee you all of our wedding guests who live in New York to come!

Thank you thank you thank you!

All our love and appreciation,
Samantha and Andrew


Marcus Reid Band Review: "Absolutely epic performance!"


Hey Marcus!

Hope you had a really great weekend. Steph and I just got back from our honeymoon in Hawaii and had an amazing time. We are sending formal “thank you” notes out to everyone, but we just couldn’t wait to reach out to you personally…..

We had such an amazing time on our wedding night and we are still completely buzzing. One of the biggest reasons for that feeling is the absolutely epic performance that you and your band put together. Because we met with you, listened to your sample music, and watched your video, we knew that we were in for a special treat. However, what we were not prepared for was how above and beyond you and your band went.

You guys made the wedding. The energy, music, and overall performance far exceeded any expectation and blew us both out of the water. It is a night we will cherish forever and it is in large part thanks to you. I can’t tell you how many people came up to us after the wedding, called, text and told us how amazing your band was and how much you guys made it a special evening to remember.

With all that said, we just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Please let us know where we can write a review so we can help spread the word. We’ve already had a number of our guests ask for your band name, etc.

I hope that we can keep in touch going forward, and if there’s anything you ever need from us, please don’t be a stranger.

We wish you all of the best with all the great things that you have coming up in life, and hope to see you again!

All the best,
Greg and Steph


Marcus Reid Band Wedding Review: "You made it perfect!"




Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how many people have complimented me on the band! Every transition, song, and even dealing with ALL of my requests - you made it perfect! Just know I (and all the guests) will be recommending you left and right to all my friends getting married (in fact, a person at the wedding yesterday has a friend getting married and has already given your name!). Thank you!



Marcus Reid Band Review on "Incredible!"


Marcus Reid Band of Hank Lane was incredible. Literally every single moment of the night people were dancing. I've already had three people ask me for my band's name so they can use them at their weddings! Thank you Marcus; we had so much fun. The memories of my family, friends, husband and me singing and dancing all night will forever be ingrained in my memory.


Marcus Reid Band Wedding Wire Review
"MARCUS REID BAND! You will NOT regret it. It was absolutely the best decision we have ever made. From the moment we met with Marcus, we felt the connection. He understood exactly what we were hoping for during our wedding - simply for everyone to dance and party! From the entrance song, first dance, parents dances, to the amazing song of the night - it just kept getting better and better. Everyone has been calling and texting me since our wedding that is was by far the best band they have EVER heard... I cannot say enough good things - I am now hoping to be at a party as a guest with them ASAP so I can enjoy it all over again!"
Marcus Reid Wedding Band Review

Marcus! Hi from the middle of the Mediterranean! Mike and I wanted to say THANK YOU so, so much. We had the best time and literally couldn't have danced any harder — seriously, in all the photos we've seen so far, we are a hot mess. You made our dream of a "classy frat party" wedding a reality and no one else could've done it better. Also, all our friends are, like, obsessed with you now. Where's the best place to leave a rec for the Marcus Reid band!? Let me know. :) Thanks again!!!! Tess & Mike


Band Review: The Marcus Reid Band

Hi Marcus and Spencer, I have to send you a note and simply say THANK YOU! Spencer - you were spot on the minute you directed us towards going with Marcus. Marcus - you were absolutely incredible! From start to end, you rocked it and covered everything we were hoping for. We can't begin to tell you how many people told us yesterday that it was absolutely the best band they have ever heard. We have already given your names to a few people :) Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with and making our Montauk wedding everything we could have ever wished for. I truly hope to see you again - SOON! Thank you both so much! Love, Jackie

Wedding Band Review: Marcus Reid Band

Hi Marcus, You guys kicked ass at the wedding and everyone loved it! You guys did a excellent job of working the crowd, and I'm glad we didn't have a stage so you guys could get out into the dance floor and join the crowd.  All of the music was fantastic and the energy you guys brought was incredible. I hope the rest of the band had a ton of fun too - and they were super solid to jam with, and the quality of the jam without practicing with me is a testament to how good they are. Please give them my thanks and appreciation for accommodating my requests on jamming with you guys. Is there some way we can give a review of you guys where other people thinking about a band will be inclined to hire you guys? Thanks for helping make Eleni's and my wedding spectacular and unique, Erik PS - let's definitely hang out in the future. PPS - the maid of honor's fiance (they're getting married in 6 weeks) said, after the wedding, "thanks, Erik.  How the hell am I supposed to top that?"

The Marcus Reid Wedding Band Review

Hi Marcus, We wanted to send you a belated THANK YOU for absolutely killing it at our wedding. We have gotten SO MANY compliments about the band from almost every guest! The other male and female singer you had with you were beyond fantastic as well and we had such a great time dancing at our own wedding! The music really made the entire night. Attached is a photo we thought you might like. Thanks again! Sarah & Brett