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Want to give your child the time of their life?

Then you are in the right place because Hank Lane Bar & Bat Mitzvah party entertainment is second to none! We are your singular Bar & Bat Mitzvah resource in the NYC, NJ, CT Long Island and beyond to create a coming-of-age celebration and dance party that kids will never forget and guests won’t stop talking about.


“Dear Kevin and Colleen, Thank you so much for pretty much making my party what it was Colleen. [MC] Kevin, there would never be a party without your music!” - Kate (Kate’s Bar Mitzvah at 24 Fifth Avenue Ballroom)


“Dear Vicki, Thank you so much for Saturday! I am sure you are as wiped out as we are, or at least I am… I think it was a really fun and successful affair and Carolyn and her friends had a great time, AND the adults as well, from what they tell me!” - Jane (Carolyn’s Bat Mitzvah at 360 Degrees)

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They only get a party like this once in their life, so any old DJ just won’t do. Treat your teenager to the hottest DJ's and coolest MC personalities in the area from MTM Events...straight out of New York’s nightclub scene


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Our professional dancers from MTM Events bring tons of energy to the party, engaging kids (and adults, too) and teaching them the latest moves all with one goal: keeping the dance floor packed all night.

bat mitzvah new york new jersey


Go “live” with your bar mitzvah party music by reserving a Hank Lane dance band! Combined with a DJ or booked separately, our party bands kick up the energy and bring the kind of stage presence that gets every guest out of their and adults alike.


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