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Weddings InStyle Hank Magaine Interview with Harris Lane

Strike Up The Band


Begin your quest of music vendors as soon as possible after your engagement. If you are working with a wedding coordinator, find out if she has some trusted musical allies. Ask recently wed friends for recommendations, and keep your ears open at every wedding and event you attend. Most established bands have CD's of their own music...


    When you've narrowed down your list of contenders, set up a meeting with each bandleader or DJ. It's important to make sure that your personalities mesh and that the vendor is willing to fulfill your musical dreams, not his or hers. Harris Lane, a bandleader for Hank Lane Music (which recently played Sean Comb's birthday bash), says, "It's always helpful when a couple tells us the kind of crowd they're going to have. This helps us tailor the music to what's appropriate for them."